About us

Our story

Goddamn Man Co is an eco-friendly, woman-owned brand. We handcraft men's beard care products with responsibly sourced, all-natural ingredients in Portland, Oregon. Our mission is to help men feel confident about how they show up in the world so they can attract their lovers and be on top of their game without distraction.

It all started when my sweetie Brandt was growing a beard and experienced dry, itchy skin. He was so uncomfortable that he kept shaving off his beard. Eventually, I made him beard oils to moisturize his skin and beard balms to tame his beard. They smelled delicious.  All his problems went away, he grew a luxurious, healthy beard, and he was happy. Later, we gave the oils and balms as gifts. Soon, people were asking for more and the idea for Goddamn Man Co was born. When I became unemployed early in the pandemic, I started the company.

Our brand is moto-inspired with scents influenced by the great Pacific Northwest outdoors. It goes without saying that our brand is also inspired by Brandt - the Original Goddamn Man. He is intelligent, handsome, outdoorsy, strong and well-muscled. He is a good lover, rides fast, has a voice like a canyon, and plays a mean git-fiddle. He climbs mountains, swims rivers, and chops wood. He loves Rainier beer, bourbon, and martinis. Now, his skin is soft, he smells delicious, and his beard is well-groomed. He has his lover and he is on top of his game.