We're serious about climate change. We like to think our kids and their kids will be able to experience the world the way we do, if we do our part. Which is why we work hard to make sure our business decisions reflect our values - from sourcing ingredients and making products, to packaging them up and shipping them to you.

We recently made a big decision to live our values by launching our new Hempseed Oil Collection. The collection includes beard oils and balms made with hempseed oil in our signature scents. Now, we are:

  • Supporting more local Pacific Northwest farmers,

  • Doing business with another local woman-owned business, and

  • Drastically reducing carbon emissions from ingredient travel miles.

All this while continuing to bring you high-quality and nutritious body and beard care products.

Ten more reasons why we are excited about using hempseed oil...

  1. Hemp is more efficient at absorbing CO2 than trees!

  2. Hemp nourishes the soil when used in crop rotation.

  3. Hemp can help prevent field erosion with roots that grow deep and fast.

  4. Hemp is one of the best "hyperaccumulators". It can rehabilitate contaminated soil by absorbing toxins through its roots.

  5. Hemp can produce double the amount of fiber as cotton while using about half as much water!

  6. Hemp is disease and pest resistant, eliminating the need for pesticides and herbicides.

  7. Hemp paper is better than paper made from trees! And the process releases waaaay less toxins into the air.

  8. Hemp can be used to make bioplastics, which are fully biodegradable!

  9. Hemp-derived building materials can cut down on carbon emissions and promote energy efficiency in homes.

  10. Hempseed oil can be used to make biodiesel to fuel our driving habits.