Our customers often ask us about the difference between beard oil and beard balm. Both have separate yet related purposes. Generally speaking, oils moisturize the skin, while balms add hold for styling. Many men use both as essential components of their beard grooming routine. Our beard oils and balms are available in four forest fresh scents – use them together or mix and match. We also offer Naked beard balm, which is unscented.

Beard oil reduces dry skin, itchiness, and flaking (the dreaded beard-druff), by moisturizing and nourishing your skin.  It also moisturizes and softens your beard, which helps with styling. Beard oil can make a world of difference if you are trying to grow a beard but experience enough discomfort that you’re compelled to shave it off rather than let it grow.

If you have dry, itchy beard problems, our beard oil will alleviate discomfort, moisturize your skin, and soften your beard (your lovers will appreciate this). It is made with responsibly sourced ingredients packed with nutrients to feed your face, including hemp seed oil, pataua oil, vitamin E, and various essential oils for fragrance.

If you have an unruly beard or stash, our beard balm will add control. Beard balm is like a pomade for your beard. It provides hold for styling, locks in moisture, and adds shine. If you’re going out on the town, use beard oil to moisturize, and follow with beard balm for style and shine. You’ll look good, smell good, and feel like a Goddamn Man.